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smack a bitch


To all those 'ladies' that call them selves lolita on the getoffegl can go fuck a tree!
Yes i defend my friends because i have not always had them. I think that friends are there for you to help and support so i am going to fucking defend them! that was the only real thing that bothered me on what they said. I don't care if they don't like the faces i put in my sentences and that shit. But bashing someone for helping a friend is just bullshit and they need to come to fucking me so i can kick their ass...because tall rori is tall and strong and can KICK SOME MIDGET RORI ASS!
supa keh wah ee....god what dumb fuck came up with that?


There is always a time when someone gets bitched about by other Lolitas. I mean... years ago when I sucked ass at Lolita I got Lolitafucked for an outfit that wasn't Lolita AT ALL.

But if you retaliate and try to confront them, it just makes the situation worse.

If you ignore it, it will be better. Always ignore someone who is teasing you or talking bad about you. It makes them furious.

I hate the "getoff" communities.

It's a bunch of kids who have no friends and spend all their time online. How can they make fun of anyone else when they're such losers themselves?

"Hey guys look at this post I found on livejournal! Lets spend all our time making fun of it because we're so cool and superior that we don't have anything else to do."


I think in that community specifically a lot of people have based their entire identity into being "EGL" and it makes them hypercritical of anyone else who tries to be that because their identity is threatened. In any subculture you always have people who are really defensive like that.
I got posted on there a few months ago for a picture that I was in. That community is so dumb, so I never joined it. It's just a bunch of girls looking for an excuse to be bitches.

Don't let them make you angry. You're way better than they are. <3
People put other people down to make themselves feel better at that other person's expense. I've been called a loser by someone who hardly knew me; yes, it hurt because how could someone who hardly knew me say such shit. Then I remembered said person had a TON of issues and was likely trying to impress someone else. The accusations of my being a loser was made by e-mail, and I did not respond for two reasons: it wasn't worth it and my response whether it was the silence said person got from me or a rant of how they were wrong because they didn't know me would be used against me.

You have every right to be annoyed and angry at how the people on that community are acting. It sounds like they are behaving like bullies and you don't need to deal with that.

Hugs, hugs, and more hugs.
Thanks. I honestly don't give a shit about what they say about me. But god damnit it really bothers me that they think i am some sort of Ita just for defending some friends.
They must have no friends i don't see how they could keep any.
Ahhh, simple minds and low self esteem = attacking someone on the internet. How insignificant these girls are. How pathetic their lives must be that they are so insecure they have to attack another on the internet. I weep for them...


Why thank you. :D btw, you're a stick compared to me, so you can just bring yourself back up to the tri-state and just have your scrawny ass handed back to you.
P.S. My friends tell me when I look like shit, it's better to tell the truth than kiss ass! It's called i-m-p-r-o-v-i-n-g. Lord knows how much of that YOUR dumb ass needs to do!


Yeah, you can help someone improve, but do you have to be such a bitch when you do so? I mean, constructive criticism DOES NOT EQUAL bitchery. And she's not responsible for what her friends wear -- though she did defend them. And since, you know, defending friends is only natural... But I doubt you'd know anything about that.

P.S. - Go-chan could kick your ass any day.

Re: -.-

lol Sweetheart, I know the difference between constructive crit. and being a bitch. Obviously I'd know if I'm being one right now. And lul, I'm sorry, your friends can't fight their own battles? That's pretty sad. I guess the weak-minded stick together!

A nickname such as that... LOL.

Re: -.-

The name is from a character i cosplay. It is something he says. GO as in 5

I can fight my own battles just fine. i simply don't see a point in waisting my time with you.

If you can't understand that someone would be slightly upset over a bunch of people saying that you need to leave or i am a stupid bitch. it is human nature.

And people always want to defend someone that is close to them it only makes scene. Like what if i waled up to your mother or best friend and called them a whore? Wouldn't you want to say otherwise?

I can take rude comments but at that time i just lost it. it happen to everyone. so get off my back.

And f.y.i. you were being a bitch. And you were being rude.

Re: -.-

lol, I wouldn't give a shit, speaking that my mother or my best friend (especially my best friend) would kick your fucking ass if you did them one, and I know the truth. Think I care if someone calls me a slut or something?

F.Y.I. You're a butthurt animufag. And you are BAWWWing.

Re: -.-

How am i a butthurt if i am trying just to get you off my back? I am not trying to be rude or a bitch but you could just stop haggling me. If you have so much more to do in life why keep bothering me?
animufag? what because i like Anime??? Wtf...
please stop bothering me.

Re: -.-

You're butthurt for making a post about gtfoegl in the first place. If you actually had a brain you'd figure that one out. :B p.s., it's called multitasking my dear. Multitasking. You should try it one day. Go-chan.

Re: -.-

I am no longer going to bother with you.

Re: -.-

A+! Level UP!

Re: -.-

not to butt in but--if you were no longer going to bother with her, wouldn't you NOT REPLY?

just a thought.

Re: -.-

wth. just leave me alone

Re: -.-

excuse me? I didn't attack you, I asked you a simple, polite question, and you get all nasty with me. I don't know who you think you're talking to like your best friend, but it cannot be me.

I would take any politeness I could get, if I were you.

Re: -.-

i wasn't trying to be rude it is just that i would rather say something b/c i like to get the last word. i am just that type of person. I didn't mean to make you mad i am sorry.

Re: -.-

Good to know you've regressed to "my mommy can beat you up".

Re: -.-

lol kyo FTW